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Guest within a group can purchase lift tickets online at special rates for specific dates. | Each purchaser must present an ID at time of pick-up.

Thank you for pre-purchasing a lift ticket for Sunday River’s Group, (Name). As a reminder, Group tickets must be pre-purchased (X amount of days) before your arrival to qualify.


To pick up your tickets:

-          Adults must arrive with a valid photo ID to verify your residency. Youth must accompany an adult at time of pick up.

-          You may go to any open ticket window to pick-up your lift ticket.

-          Tickets are also available for pick up in our rental shop.


Additional perks include:

-          $35 Rental Package available to group members. Must be purchased at the resort with a valid photo ID, and your group ticket. Rentals are located at the South Ridge Lodge. You may pick up your ticket at the rental counter.

-          $ Learn-To Packages for ages 13+ available to group members. Reservations need to be made in advance and can be made by calling 207-824-5959.

Things To Know:

Rent Apparel
Premium ski and snowboard gear can be rented for your trip here.

We’ll see you on the slopes!