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South Ridge Locker Room C - 2024/25

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South Ridge Locker Room C - 2024/25

South Ridge Locker C

  • Period: The Locker Rental Agreement shall be in effect beginning May 1, 2024 and remain in effect until April 30, 2025.

  • Maintenance and Access: Renter shall keep the locker in a clean and sanitary condition, and shall maintain the locker in as good and safe state of condition as it exists at the time the Renter takes possession. Possessions must be stored inside locker when not in use. Reasonable wear and tear accepted.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the Renter to securely store and insure their personal property. Renter agrees Sunday River Resorts accept no responsibility or liability for damage, loss, or theft of any personal property being stored in the Barker, South Ridge Locker Rooms, or other Sunday River Facilities.

  • When the lease period expires, and if the lease is not renewed or extended, personal property must be removed from the locker(s) immediately. If the persona is not removed within 10 days of the expiration (or cancellation) of this Locker Room Agreement, Sunday River Resort shall have the right to remove and take ownership of all personal property.

  • Emergency Access: In case of an emergency, if the Renter shall not be present to permit entry to the locker, Sunday River Resort, or its representatives, may enter the same forcibly without rendering Renter, or its representatives, liable therefore effecting Renter’s obligations under this Locker Rental Agreement.

  • The use of a personal lock is not permitted on any lockers owned by Sunday River Resort. Sunday River Resort will provide each Renter with a lock to use. If the Renter has any issues with a lock, or has other questions, the Renter may contact Guest Services at 800-543-2754 or email If you currently have a personal lock on your locker, this must be removed by April 30th.

  • Locker Room Access: The South Ridge C Locker Room is a private locker room and is to be used by only those who are authorized.

  • Cancellation: There will be no refunds, partial refunds, or credit given for cancelling your locker early.

  • Locker Assistance: For any locker assistance, the original purchaser must bring photo ID with them to Guest Services.
  • $839.00

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